• How to insert an image in a post?

    Hello, I tried looking for archived posts, but could not find it. Can anyone tell me how to insert an image directly in the post (without a hyperlink) as many dimers have been doing. Please help. Thanks! Did not find the right solution from the Internet. References: ... Brand Reveal Animation
  • Is paytm Mall safe place to buy a laptop?

    Hey guys, I am looking to buy a laptop from paytm mall worth rs 39000. I can not cancel,replace or return it once ordered as per the return policy. should i buy it ? Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: ... ace-to-buy-a-laptop explainer video maker
  • Lenovo k8 mobile review

    Hello,The Lenovo-Motorola two-brand strategy has been working pretty well for the Chinese smartphone maker in India. And while the company has released a number of smartphones such as the Moto C, Moto G and Moto Z-series in the past one year, Lenovo didn’t see much of action. After launching the K6 Power and K6 Note last year, the company took a pause, and has now released a new smartphone in t...
  • external camera lens for smartphones

    Hello guys i want to know about camera exterior, i really like it, can we capture clearly the images of a person sitting or standing upto 50 meters distance in low light, i am currently using redmi note 4 mobile (features 13 megapixel & 8 optical zoom), if yes pls. suggest me product and how much optical zoom lens i need to purchase Please help. Thanks! Did not find the righ...
  • Full Membership Feedback

    Hi everyone, As I mentioned a couple of months ago, I'll be looking at how we can improve Full Membership this year. A number of ideas have popped up recently and I'd like to gauge their popularity: Member sponsored threads or forums Member advertising (used to have members ads on UKBF but they were not well executed or kept track of) Marketplace posts moved to once a week instead of ...
  • Venue 7 rebooting constantly

    Hello, I cannot do anything with my venue 7.  I can turn it on go to settings and it reboots.  Then I try My Dell, it reboots.  I try a game, play for 5 minutes or so and it reboots. I tried Dell Cast, and it reboots.  Holding the sound button during start up gets me nothing.  No green android, nothing.  If nothing else, do I need to ...
  • Mobile Devices

    Hello, My tablet is dead and am using the dell base and cord to charge it. It recognizes that it's plugged in however won't charge stays at zero percent I have only had this tablet just over a month would like some help Please help. Thanks! Animated Product Intro
  • dell venue 8 7840 power off issue

    Hello, first, i mua this tablet in january 2015. i found out this device turns off by itself at 22% battery while using it(about a month ago) and now,  it's powering off at 37% over and over. in order to power on, i have to plug in.  if not, there is no way to run it. i'm living in korea and asked for a chat service on the dell official website, but they just...
  • Defective item from Ebay

    Hello, Recently, I purchased Galaxy Note 3 mobile, costing Rs. 40,000/- from the seller shabbeerhf1 on Ebay. The mobile received had a crack on the display and I complained immediately to the seller and the Ebay. The seller was supposed to give me warranty of one year, but he diverted me the Ebay. Ebay customer support keeps saying that we will get in touch soon, but till now I have not heard ...
  • Reverse PickUp But No Refund

    I am informed that current status is: "Pending from Logistics for the Reverse Pick up" But now I am feeling more cheated. A camera which was 30% defective costing around 10,000 (Ten Thousand Rupees) has been picked up by Ebay, and there is no sign of getting my money back. I have lost both the camera and my money. Every time I call customer care number I am promised a call bac...
  • Ebay charging for no use...

    Hello, I was there at ebay.com and wanting to purchase a book. I finally decided and was on the final page for the payment. I selected debit card as payment option and filled all my details. After doing this, I confirmed the payment but it showed me error. I tried it thrice. And I shocked when I checked my balance. My account was deducted 4 times with INR 62.78/- The payment gateway was attach...
  • Teak Furniture

    Hello, Teak Furniture, Famous teak wood is very strong and durable, so many processed into garden furniture, interior furniture and handicrafts. To see a variety of teak wood furniture you can visit www horestco com and you can also order it to your liking. Please help. Thanks! Did not find the right solution from the Internet. References: Video Demonstration
  • Question Regarding Mystery Shopping Business

    Hello, Something that has puzzled me for a while ... A company engages a Mystery Shopping company to perform research for them one form or another. The mystery shopping company seeks out workers in the field to perform the task. To Mystery Shopping Companies customarily receive payment (partial payment) with the contract? What do you want to do? Please help. Thanks! Video adve...
  • Low Pay fancy burger shop

    Hello, I got a email today for a shop at one of the fancy gourmet burger places. The pay for the shop was a whooping $3.00 reimbursement for meal. I guess that's fine if you were planning on eating there, but otherwise, it isn't even worth my time. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:? Product Ad
  • Gone 5 Years-Any Big Changes

    I have been gone for about 5 years. I was silver certified and worked with quite a few companies. I think I am more nervous now than when I first started Any major changes with the most popular companies?? Dang, I had just better jump in and quit fidgeting!!. Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: Online Video Marketing
  • I want to buy Iphone 4s

    Hello, I like a apple iphone 4s and i like this fetures i was try but all websites give a different prise so Please share best price deal of Apple Iphone 4s Deal link. Couldn't found After Mytokri Search Please help. Thanks! I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References: ... y-iphone-4s.107073/ Demonstration video
  • Spread out disk usage?

    Hello, I have 3 1tera hdds, one is used to store games, one for media, and one for other files, i realize now that ive done this that it  My problem is when I run certain games, (mainly sims 4, fallout 4, battlefield 1) my disk usage in my F: drive (where I store games) đã có Rests at 100% usage time. Nếu tập tin move, and free up space on F: drive would it help at all? Were also b...
  • Gaming pc?

    Hello, Looking at buying this setup, im not too clued up on PC's .. my xbox has just given up the thought of going over to the superior platform anyways jeres tje details; Gaming PC, comes with 24in HD monitor, gaming keyboard / mouse xbox 360 pad for windows and speakers. Plays Doom / Tomb Raider on high / ultra settings effortlessly. Win 7, 3.5Ghz Amd six core processor, 22GB DDR3 RAM,...
  • Snap up fashionable footwear at a fraction of the price

    Hello, The reintroduction of the adidas gazelle soldes  last year saw the return of one of the defining shoes of its era. Today, it transcends all boundaries as an all-round classic piece of footwear, perfect for almost any situation or environment: over the years, we've seen it in basketball courts, skateparks, BMX tracks and sliding across the lino, via the art of b-boying. The...
  • Free PayU Money Rs. 150 Off on Rs. 500 Coupon

    Hello, Am having Payu Money Rs. 150 Off on Rs. 500 Coupon and PayUMoney Rs. 100 off on Rs. 400 Coupon. If any one need PayU money PM me or reply here. Please help. Thanks! Did not find the right solution from the Internet. References: ... ff-on-Rs-500-Coupon mobile app trailer

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