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Download DEAD TRIGGER Apk for Free [Copy địa chỉ]

Thời gian đăng: 18/6/2022 09:09:09

Description of Dead Trigger

Table of Contents:

DEAD TRIGGER - Offline Zombie Shooter will help players to freely shoot at the zombies without having to worry about running out of ammo. This game is one of the successful games of the Madfinger Games. Coming to the game, players will enjoy the feeling of fighting zombies from the first perspective. Let’s step into endless and fierce action battles!

Be Careful with Zombies

The story of dead target mod apk begins in heavy rain when everyone is in a peaceful family home when a strange liquid spills into the city’s water.

Thus, an unexplained pandemic happened around the globe that turned humans into zombies, causing them to attack other living uncontrollably. The government and the military are powerless against the rapid spread of the disease. This evil plague has defeated cities and nations of the world.

Players are warriors on a mission, and this substance will not harm them. Watch out for the attack from the zombies! Also, your task is to find the antidote and the person behind everything.

Killing Fierce Zombies in A Variety of Ways

DEAD TRIGGER is not only a first-person shooter game but also incorporates many elements such as role-playing, horror, and survival. Players will be free to act and move around in an open environment.

The difference between humans and zombies is the brain. Players can bait them to a place and use explosives or heavy bombs and let them explode.

Be careful as you go deeper into the city center. Zombies will become much more vital to destroy. You need to be focused and ready to fight.

DEAD TRIGGER also offers many valuable items such as strength, health, or shield. Besides, there are more than 50 different guns and armor. However, the player needs some money for this.

Players can choose to play according to the storyline. If not, play as you go by participating in unlimited Quest sequences with more than ten unique environments to explore.

Besides Campaign mode, players can participate in the rescue mode for survivors in 4 different environments. Many people are incapable of fighting, they cannot fight these aggressive zombies, and you will be the last hope. Don't be afraid to rush into dangerous areas and rescue victims.

When winning a battle, the game rewards an amount corresponding to the match’s players’ performance. At the same time, the system will unlock many weapons as well as upgraded features for the main character. Besides, players can also earn extra money or items of value by participating in the casino.

High-Quality 3D Graphics

Players will admire 3D graphics designed highly impressively. DEAD TRIGGER has sharp and realistic high-quality images. The effects are also smooth and epic, promising the best of the visual experience.

One tip is that you should set the highest quality graphics if you want the best experience. However, this title requires a well-configured phone for the game to run smoothly.

Download DEAD TRIGGER Apk for Free

DEAD TRIGGER has fast-paced shooting gameplay. Dangers always lurk, and zombies appear constantly. Sometimes players will need a few minutes of rest after a long battle. With attractive graphics and gameplay, this game is highly appreciated by many players. Due to the element of violence, players must be over 16 years old to participate in the game.

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