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European Under 21 Championships: Abraham to help England get off to a good start [Copy địa chỉ]

Thời gian đăng: 14/2/2020 15:09:59
European Under 21 Championships: Abraham to help England get off to a good start

Romania can avoid defeat against Croatia and England can do the same against tournament favourites France, with in-form Tammy Abraham a decent pick to get a best free soccer tips, says Jamie Pacheco.

Romania U21 v Croatia U21

Tuesday June 18, 17:30

Live on Sky Sports Football

Romania under-rated so bet accordingly

Probably not the sexiest match of the tournament but let's not let that stop us trying to make some money from it.

Romania have little or no pedigree when it comes lớn this competition. It's been 21 years since their name was even in the hat. They only played in the 1998 edition because they were hosts and hardly covered themselves in glory there. You can prefer to the jackpot soccer tip page!

But any side who can get the better of Portugal - as Romania did in qualifying - deserves some respect. Over 10 matches the cream tends to rise to the top and, in what was one of the tougher groups on paper, it's a huge credit lớn Romania that they went the whole campaign unbeaten, racking up seven wins and three draws. That included beating Portugal away (2-1) and drawing 1-1 on home soil against them.

Romania's man to look out for is Ianis Hagi. Ah, recognise the surname, do you? Not only is he the son of the great Gheorghe - almost certainly Romania's best-ever player - but he also made his debut at the side his father was then managing (Viitorul), plays in the same sort of free role his dad did and unsurprisingly wears the same number 10 shirt.

He'll be up against a Croatia side where the big name is Nikola Vlasic. The Everton midfielder spent the season on loan at CSKA Moscow and got the game time he's been craving, including playing a big part in their Champions League campaign that included scoring the winner against Real Madrid.

Croatia won their group as well, but only on goal difference. It meant that unlike runners-up Greece, they qualified directly rather than via a play-off; a rarity indeed. You'd have lớn go back to 2004 for the last time they were at the European Under 21 Championships.

All in all, this is a similar scenario to the Poland v Belgium match on day one. Back then, we felt that Belgium were inexplicably short to win that game when nothing about their recent results suggested that they should have been anything more than warm favourites. As it happens, Poland won 3-2 so that came good but even the draw would have done us just fine.

So here we go again. Croatia are even money for no particularly good reason, given what we now about both sides and how little experience they have of being at this tournament.

It's not the most daring bet in the world but keeping Romania and the draw on our side is certainly the way to go here at ⅘.

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