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Maurice Lacroix Pontos Chronograph 43mm PT6388-SS002-331-1 Đóng

Maurice Lacroix Adds New Pontos Day Date With Charming Khaki Dial

Maurice Lacroix is perhaps best known in order to readers as the brand driving the Aikon line of sports activities watches, which are very similar to a few of the highly sought-after integrated band watches with long wait occasions on the pre-owned market, The cost is high. While Aikon has a lot of fans, as well as Maurice Lacroix deserves credit score for bringing some indisputably interesting designs to market, all of us shouldn't forget that the brand name has other collections which have their own unique aesthetic and not necessarily tied to a particular hype View comparisons suffer for a second.

The Pontos collection is a good example. They are mostly handsome, vintage-style timepieces, notable for their distinctive walked lug designs. Affordable and simple to wear, they likely suit the criteria of many who else come into this world looking for a " nice Swiss watch" they can wear day in and day out. For the most part, these types of aren't collector or enthusiast-focused watches -- they're simply old-fashioned, solid watches which don't need a lot of description or context, and have a good appeal all by themselves. Nevertheless, every now and then Maurice Lacroix tosses out a special edition Pontos that catches our interest and might even have some crossover watch nerd appeal.

So here we have the actual Pontos Day Date within a limited edition black and khaki colorway. The piece provides extensive of notes that we like right here. What at first glance might seem just like a simple drab green switch with a DLC-coated case is really a bit more complicated. The Pontos seen here is actually the sleek, understated scalloped call with sunray brushed khaki sections separated by dark inner minute markers and enormous black hour markers that offer connective tissue to the face perimeter. The geometry is actually surprisingly satisfying and finishes at 12: 00 having a 'V' shaped area using the brand logo, wordmark and also day of the week indication. The area is mirrored in 6: 00 with a triangulado sector containing the day. There's a lot of symmetry here, that is unusual for a watch using a date layout,

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More than layout, though, the color mixture of this Pontos really works. We don't know if we're approaching a 'trend' status however it seems like black watches tend to be once again gaining favor with all the more watch collecting public and as you'll quickly notice when you do a survey associated with coated watches it's difficult to find a true match dialing functions. You'll see a lot of black and grey, as well as some ill-considered getting through of brighter colors, showing that black cases are usually hard to risk. While the tone of green used in this article doesn't exactly break brand new ground or be especially innovative, it complements completely and exudes a feel that's as stylish currently stylish. These can be difficult to perform at the same time, but Pontos arrives very close.

The situation diameter here is 41mm, so it is not small by any means, however it's a perfectly average dimension for a modern watch such as this. Pontos are known for their dramatically downward-sloping lugs, so the ergonomics of the case should favor somebody with an average-sized wrist. This timepiece is powered by the ML143 movement, which is a rebadged edition of the Sellita SW200.  

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